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“O for a Muse of fire,
that would ascend
The brightest heaven
of invention,
A kingdom for a
stage, princes to act
And monarchs to
behold the swelling
-Willam Shakespeare
King Henry V

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July 01 - 03, 2005 @ Banff Centre for the Arts

After a very positive meeting with Paul Seesequasis (program officer from the Spoken Word Program @ The Canada Council for the Arts) and receiving a significant sponsorship from the Banff Centre, we have decided to create a Banff Summit Meeting as part of the festival. The idea is to bring together the major organizers of Spoken Word Poetry (events/festivals, publications, producers) into one place for a meeting and strategy session. The purpose for this meeting is to unite and strengthen as a group, which will facilitate collective organization and international strategy. This will be a unique opportunity to network so we are all on the same “page” i.e. if a festival in Montreal brings a poet from Africa, then the poet from Africa could also read in several locations across the country; saving money and time.

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