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“O for a Muse of fire,
that would ascend
The brightest heaven
of invention,
A kingdom for a
stage, princes to act
And monarchs to
behold the swelling
-Willam Shakespeare
King Henry V

The New

my only
concern is that i haven’t
seen your teeth and i am not
                    certain you could really bite
                    me hard enough to break
i crinkle brow
at the smooth thought
of your hands
          they may not reach around
          my throat
     to black-pearl bruise me
          pressure-sweat bead me
- loop fingerprints over my collarbone?
-         arpeggiate my skin with welts?

               you’re such a soft idea:
          you kiss me and i
          could sleep aromatic
          and soft-feathered for
          just wake me
          knock me     intosense.

2006 Calgary International Spoken Word Society