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“O for a Muse of fire,
that would ascend
The brightest heaven
of invention,
A kingdom for a
stage, princes to act
And monarchs to
behold the swelling
-Willam Shakespeare
King Henry V

D. Kimm

D. Kimm

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Based in Montreal, D.Kimm has published four books, including Chevale in 1989 which was nominated for the Prix Émile-Nelligan, an award for young poets. She has also studied dance and participated in numerous poetry events. She has directed over forty shows, many for the Union des écrivaines et écrivaines québécois and the Festival de la Littérature. After studying history at UQAM, she turned her attention to writing, performance and stagecraft. D. Kimm is the director of Les Filles électriques, an organization whose mandate is to create multidisciplinary artistic events based on oral and written literature. She is currently working on an album that will be entitled Le Silence des homes, in collaboration with guitarist Bernard Falaise.

Check out some of: The Book of Sorrows (Fragments)

2006 Calgary International Spoken Word Society