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“O for a Muse of fire,
that would ascend
The brightest heaven
of invention,
A kingdom for a
stage, princes to act
And monarchs to
behold the swelling
-Willam Shakespeare
King Henry V

From Re: We Are the Domesticators

We are the Domesticators
We live in a protean machine
A sweet meat machine
A swallow before you chew machine
A fatten that meat for maximum size
And after it dies dies, we get the , diet eyes
We gotta eat that fatless meat
Shimmy skinny, we gotta look elite, barcode
The lean cuisine, the meat machine, for the protein,
     for the protein
On the Atkins diet, ain't it great, we're losing weight
Ain't no jive, it's Slaughterhouse Five

2006 Calgary International Spoken Word Society